5 Tips to Help You Finish Writing Your Novel
5 Tips to Help You Finish Writing Your Novel
5 Tips to Help You Finish Writing Your Novel

The rumours are true; I can give you five tips and tricks for finishing your novel. But, before I do, I want you to highlight the most important one…taking steps toward putting these into action.

Because, after all of the tips, tricks, and general advice one writer can give another, the most valuable is this: taking imperfect action will get you to your goal.

1. Taking imperfect action

What is imperfect action?
Imperfect action means throwing out the idea that everything you do and create needs to be perfect and committing to taking action that gets you toward your goal instead.

A first draft is a great example. When you’re writing a first draft, the idea is to just get the story down on paper. It doesn’t matter if later you will need to change that characters name, or if actually, the villain should be crueller, or even that you have continuously misspelt the word ‘sandwich’.

Take imperfect action and allow yourself to make mistakes, get work done, and achieve your dream.

2. Create a realistic writing routine

Oh, I do go on about creating a writing routine, don’t I?
Yes, and here’s why: it changed my life.
It enabled me to write two novels in a year, complete a full-time Creative Writing PhD while working two jobs, and more.

Creating a routine that works for you is how to write your novel and get that dream achieved!

Want to know how it’s done? Look no further than the Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Writing Routine – right here.

3. Give yourself a deadline

Deadlines are your friend! Once you have your writing routine ready and you are committed to taking imperfect action, set a realistic deadline that will allow you to write your novel. Once it’s set, tell other people about it so that you have some accountability. You’re more likely to strive toward a goal if a deadline is set and you have other people who are aware of it.

4. Set clear boundaries

Everyone has different people vying for their time, whether it’s partners, kids, dogs, friends…the list is endless. It’s up to you to set clear boundaries with others so that you can use your writing time as your own.

Tell other people what your writing routine is. Stick it up on the fridge. Close the door when you need to, and give yourself the chance to achieve your goal.

Once you reach small successes – from hitting that word count in the week or getting half of your novel written, make sure you involve the people in your life in the celebration of this. That way, they are far more likely to respect your time, boundaries and will be excited to be a part of your journey – even though they’re not allowed in the room when you’re actually writing.

5. Use the compound effect

The compound effect is the idea that small steps equal big success. Got ten minutes? Don’t let it get away by using it on procrastination; grab it with a pen and paper and get one hundred words down. Taking advantage of those moments will increase more than your word count; it will get you closer to your goal of writing your novel.

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