5 Ways to Find Your Next Beta Reader
5 Ways to Find Your Next Beta Reader
5 Ways to Find Your Next Beta Reader

You’re writing your novel, and everything is going swimmingly, and then suddenly, you’re done! Well, what now?

It’s time to find those beta readers so that you can start to gather that invaluable feedback.

When looking for a beta reader, make sure that you are approaching people who know about your genre, understand what you require from them, are honest, and great readers.

But apart from this…how do you actually find a beta reader?

Here are five ways to get your work read!

1 Hiring

Yes, if you are struggling to find a beta reader and you want to know that someone is definitely going to prioritise your work, it’s might be time to hire a beta reader.

Many editors can act as beta readers, and you can also find professional beta readers who focus on that alone. Websites such as Fiverr have beta readers at incredibly reasonable prices. However, if you’re not looking to hire someone right now – read on!

2 The Online Writing Community

This is such a fantastic way to find someone to read your work. The online writing community is strong on Instagram and Twitter, so search the hashtag #BetaReader and make those valuable connections. You might also find that you can swap your own novel with another writer’s novel for a beta reading swap.

3 Writing Groups

Search for writing groups in your local area and give one a go! I am a huge believer in the power of writing groups, and it is such a pleasure to attend one and bask in two hours spent a week purely working on the craft that we all love so much. Often members will be willing to read your work, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

4 Goodreads

Yep – Goodreads is not just a review forum! They also have groups, like this one – Here – specifically designed to connect writers to beta readers!

You can also find beta readers on Wattpad.

5 Friends and Family

I say this with some hesitation because whether or not you should ask your friends and family to read your work initially relies on the same things as I mentioned above.

If a friend or family member is going to read your work, still ask yourself whether they are great readers, whether they know about your genre, and whether they can be honest with you.

I am very fortunate to have some great and honest beta readers in my family, and many famous writers also share their work with a spouse or family member before anyone else.

It entirely depends on your relationship and their interests too.

So, there are five ways to find the beta reader for your project!

It can be scary sending your work out there, so do take a look at this blog post on receiving constructive criticism for your work. Overall, choose a good beta reader, and you’re going to reap the rewards of peer review soon enough.

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