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Short stories, novels, poetry – I’m a fan of writing it all.

Take a moment to see what I’ve had published, what I’m currently writing, and how I work with other writers too. 

Upcoming Publications

Sonam – TBC 2023– Short Story (Chronicles of Kathaldi)

Researching Reality for Fantasy Writing – TBC 2023 – The Literary Consultancy

Upcoming Events:

I am always happy to talk about writing and sign a copy of The Finery! Here’s where I will be in September: 

30th September in Literary Cat – Machynlleth 

I am writing two books at the moment:

The Tithes of Spring

A medieval fantasy world with dark forces at play, in its first draft.

The Dedworth Shame

A fantasy novel companion to The Birth of Ida, currently in its second draft. 


The Finery – Out Now!

About The Finery:

Tyranny is in the air in the city of Finer Bay, and Professor Wendowleen Cripcot would like to be left alone, thank you very much. The memories of the last one hundred years are quite enough to be getting on with, if only these young upstarts from the government body, The Finery, would stop trying to control her every move. With the eyes of a dictator upon her, there are not many places to hide…but Wendowleen has never been one to back down from a fight (just ask her pet wolf), and insurrection is brewing underground.

“The elderly heroine and her wolf make a refreshing change in this whimsical, gently satirical fantasy debut about how easily a police state might evolve.” – Lisa Tuttle, The Guardian

“With wry humour and vicious imagination, Grosvenor’s debut compels us not to allow her nightmarish fantasy of a totalitarian police state to become reality.” – Joe Bedford, Author of ‘A Bad Decade for Good People’, Parthian Books

“Wry wit and boundless imagination.” – Waterstones 

“The story is, despite the dark undertones and authoritarian themes, an entertaining read. Those looking for a dystopian tale that won’t leave you depressed at the end, look no further!” Dean Cook, Waterstones 

Featured in The Guardian’s best recent sci-fi, fantasy and horror round-up!

 You can order your copy here!

The Birth of Ida

The Birth of Ida, a work of fantastical realism complete at 102,000 words. Though initially drawing inspiration from the expansive world of Red Dead Redemption, I would hope The Birth of Ida might one day sit on a bookshelf alongside Sarah Gailey’s revisionist Wild West scapes, as well as Hillary Monahan’s Gunsmoke & Glamour – another Western adventure with a witchy twist.

Living in the perilous land of The Nameless Stretch, Ida Vale is a woman pursued. With a $500 bounty on her head, and would-be captors on her tail, the only way she can escape her torrid past is by adopting the disguise of a man she once robbed. Creating a new identity for herself, she’ll do whatever it takes to avenge her father’s death – from outsmarting her trackers, to forging a life with her dead mother’s ghost by her side.  


The Second Space

The Second Space is an 80,000 word novel that presents the place of women in a patriarchal society, exploring themes such as sexuality, reclamation of space, and the power of physical objects.

It follows the story of a woman who escapes from the prospect of marriage and works to discover her self-identity, forging meaningful relationships with other women. The novel is set in modern day London, specifically East London.

If you are interested in reading The Second Space, please get in touch.



What of the Woman – 11/02/2021 
A poem published in The Raconteur Review: Fourth Issue

Renewed – 03/11/2020 
A poem published in The Auroras & Blossoms PoArtMo Anthology: 2020 Edition

The Silent Mountains – 18/08/2020
A poem published by digital literary magazine The Trouvaille Review.

New Home – 14/08/2020
A poem published by digital literary magazine Calm Down Magazine.

Nightfall and Imaginary Arguments – 01/08/2020
Two poems published by digital magazine Impspired.

To Create – 01/08/2020
A poem published by American literary journal Synchronized Chaos.

The Seasons of Ivy – 28/07/2020
A poem published by digital literary journal Spillwords Press.

Short Stories

I love writing short stories. You can read some of them here:

A Pleasant Ride16/07/2023Horror story published in West by Black Hare Press

Princess Robyn and the Dragon – 28/03/2021
A children’s short story published by digital publishing house Storyberries. Audio version also available.

The Meeting – 10/01/2021 – Podcast
Reading of a short story published by digital publishing house Bandit Fiction.

Home – 18/12/2020 -A short story published by digital literary magazine Fragmented Voices.

Life with Prawn – 24/10/2020
A short story published by digital literary magazine Fiction Kitchen Berlin.

The Preservation of Time – 02/09/2020
A short story published by digital magazine Impspired.

The Letter – 05/08/2020
A children’s short story published by digital publishing house Storyberries.

Circumstance – 26/07/2020
A short story/Drabble published by digital publishing house The Drabble.

The Meeting – 29/05/2020
A short story published by digital publishing house Bandit Fiction. This story also features on their first podcast, read by Rachel.

The Anxiety Within – 31/07/2015
A short story published by Creative Anxiety Zine.

You – 12/07/2012
A short story published by Cadaverine Magazine.

Professional Writing

Below are some of the articles and poetry I have written for professional services.

On Making Writing a Process – 25/08/2023 – Books By Women.Org

An article on making writing a process.

The Joys and Pitfalls of Studying Creative Writing – 14/08/23 – Writing IE

An article about studying Creative Writing and finding my niche. 

Dolgellau: A Writer’s Home – 11/07/23

An article about living in North Wales, and how it inspires me. 

On Being a Writer – 18/08/2020

A blog style article published by digital publisher Bandit Fiction.

Uncovering Our Familiar Folklore Through Ballads and Old Tales – 11/01/2020 

An article published by Mookychick Magazine, detailing the folklore of Laos and the UK.

Bridget Ferrers Poem for Baddesley Clinton – 01/07/2018 – A poem commissioned by Baddesley Clinton, of the National Trust, displayed in the Blue Bedroom for their 2018/19 programme ‘Women and Power’. This poem is now part of the permanent collection.

Midlands Feminists Prepare to Ignite New Campaigns – 01/07/2014 – An article published by UK Feminista, about their ‘Feminista UK Summer Workshop’.

Birminghome – 01/05/2013 – An article published by the Birmingham Architecture festival, about Rachel’s connection with Birmingham.

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