How to Get Rid of Self-Limiting Writing Beliefs
Self-limiting beliefs
How to Get Rid of Self-Limiting Writing Beliefs

“I haven’t published a story, so I can’t call myself a writer.”

Many self-limiting beliefs can hold us back in the writing world, and that’s just an example of one of them.

I often compare writing to the art world. If someone paints, loves it, spends their spare time painting, is part of a painting community and thrives in it…there’s no question that they’re a painter. Whether they have had an exhibition of their artwork or not, they are still a painter.

Often when we tell other people we write, the first question that comes back is, “Have you written anything that I’d know?” Or “Are you published?” Or “Where can I find your work?”

I know this can lead to anxiety and can further that annoying self-limiting belief. So read on if this is something you struggle with because I am going to share a task to help you move forward when these thoughts appear.


What is the belief that’s holding you back? The first step is acknowledging its presence and taking note when it appears. Write it down and don’t let it get away without investigation – because if it’s holding you back in writing, then you have every right to show it who’s boss!


Ask yourself the following:

  1. Do I actually believe this?
  2. Why?
  3. What’s my proof for this?
  4. What advice would I give someone else who is feeling this way?

These questions will force you to really get to the heart of the belief and allow you to break down those self-limiting walls with proof and empathy for yourself.

Every time you notice this pop up, remember that this is not necessarily what you believe. Remind yourself of what you have discovered, and keep working at moving past it!

If you struggle with this and want to chat more about it, get in touch! As a writing coach, I can help you investigate the issue and develop action points to move forward. Want to read more about self-limiting beliefs? Check this post out from The Open University.

You’ve got this, writer!


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