10 Coaching Questions to Help You with Your Writing Life

Are you ready to move forward in your writing life? Coaching can get you where you want to go! One of my favourite things to do every week is pull a card from my’ coaching cards for every day’ pack. These open questions allow me to consider all sorts of things, from how to continue with a successful part of my writing life to how to achieve my goals.

Here are ten questions that can help you do the same. My recommendation would be to take some time with these questions and really consider them, journalling on the answers.

What habits support your writing?

What gives you pleasure in your writing life?

What drains your energy and enthusiasm for writing?

What steps can you take to overcome those drains?

Practice describing your book to someone else. What would you say?

What advice would you give to yourself as a writer?

What does ‘happy’ mean to you in your writing life?

What are your top 5 writing experiences in life so far?

What could you change to make your writing situation more positive?

What has inspired you this year, this month, and this week?

If you want to chat about anything you have found out through answering these questions, get in touch. I would love to help you create a writing life and novel that you are proud of. 

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