Why You Should Find Out Who Your Ideal Reader Is

Your ideal reader is out there, and finding out who they are matters. Read on to find out why!

Who is your ideal reader?

It’s a question that could inspire a lot of consideration, and it’s worth taking some time to really think about it.

Once you know who your ideal reader is, you will find that your marketing will become much easier. Not only that, but writing, plotting, coming up with story ideas in the first place becomes easier too.

Why? Because you know who are you are writing for, what they want from a story, and most of all, where they spend their time.

How To Realise Your Ideal Reader

Think about your favourite book or brand.

It might shock you to know that you are probably that author’s ideal reader or that brand’s ideal buyer. After all, everything they write seems to apply to your interests, and that’s why you picked up the book and loved it so much in the first place.

Finding your ideal reader can do the same for you, it can help drive that person to you – just by considering who they are. You can get as deep as you like with this. For example, you can consider not only their occupation, but also where they live, their name, their age, and the other books they have on their TBR pile.

You might find that your ideal reader is a lot like you, and that would make sense if you absolutely love the genre you are writing in and have a passion for stories like your own.

So, take some time to draft out your ideal reader. Think carefully about who they are and what might draw them to your stories in particular.

Then, once you know what they are looking for, consider where they spend their time.

What bookshops do they frequent, or do they buy solely online? Would they baulk at buying from a chain, and prefer an independent book store? Are they more likely to use TikTok, Facebook or Instagram?

You can even do some research on this. You might find that Generation Z are less likely to have Facebook than TikTok, for example, so marketing your YA novel on Facebook could be a waste of your resources.

Visualise Your Reader

Once you know who your reader is, it’s time to visualise them.

Save the information you have about them, and give them a name.

Next time you’re marketing, chatting about your WIP, or plotting, keep this person in mind. Talk to them, and appreciate what it is they are looking for in a story.

Take them on the adventure they want to be taken on. You’ll find that you attract just the person you are visualising by considering them when you speak and write.

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