Eight Writing Exercises to Get You Out of a Creative Slump
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Eight Writing Exercises to Get You Out of a Creative Slump

Are you in a creative slump at the moment, finding it hard to write? I hear you; something about the start of the year makes it hard to be creative. And yes, although it’s April, I’m still seeing frost on the trees on my morning dog walk, so spring hasn’t quite sprung yet. Anyway, back to the point – creative writing exercises inspire, spark creativity, and give you fresh ideas. Here are eight to kick-start your writing:

  1. Freewriting: Set a timer for 10-15 minutes and write continuously without stopping or worrying about grammar, spelling, or punctuation. Write down whatever comes to mind, even if it seems nonsensical.
  2. Writing prompts: Use a writing prompt (like the ones I sent in my newsletters!) to inspire your writing. Write for 10-15 minutes using the prompt as a starting point.
  3. Character development: Create a character profile for a fictional character. Include details such as their name, age, appearance, personality, and backstory.
  4. Dialogue practice: Write a conversation between two characters. Focus on making the dialogue sound natural and authentic.
  5. Rewriting: Take a piece of writing you’ve already written and rewrite it from a different perspective or in a different genre.
  6. Setting Description: Choose a setting (such as a park or a beach) and write a detailed description of it. Use all your senses to bring the scene to life.
  7. Point of view: Write a scene from two different points of view. For example, write a scene from the perspective of a character who is in love and then write the same scene from the perspective of a character who is angry.
  8. Word association: Choose a word and write down all the words that come to mind when you think of it. Use those words as inspiration for your writing.

Remember, practising regularly and experimenting with different exercises to find what works best for you is key to improving your writing.

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