3 Ways to Get Ready for Your Writing Year (2022)
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3 Ways to Get Ready for Your Writing Year (2022)

Is it too soon to talk about next year? Absolutely not. If we wait until 2022 to talk about 2022, we won’t know how to get prepped! For me, 2022 is the year of significant change. Physically, I will be moving back to the UK from New Zealand – so that’s quite a big move in itself. But also, I’m excited to continue writing my companion novel, The Dedworth Shame, and hope to push The Birth of Ida out into the world!

So, what are your plans for 2022? Is it going to be a year of writing? If so, here are three ways to get ready. 

1 – Put 1st January in your calendar (it’ll already be there – but highlight it!)

I have something glorious to offer you in the New Year, and that is The Ultimate Writer’s Planning Workbook. This workbook is sixty pages and will take you through the process of planning your entire writing year. How does that sound? Pretty good to me! It’s going to be available from 1st January to 15th January, and I cannot wait to share it with you.

It’s also going to be added to It’s Time to Write Your Novel, my novel writing masterclass. Together, these two things are going to be the answer to how to write a novel in the new year.

2 – Get a new diary. 

I have purchased two new diaries for the new year – The Year of Growth and The Daily Planner from DreamyMoons. It’s important to me to have something practical and beautiful because the desire to continue planning and prepping my writing schedule is fundamental. We all know that there are days when writing and planning become a challenge, but by having something you cannot wait to use, you are more likely to embrace the action.

3 – Consider your big goals. 

What do you want to achieve in 2022? Take some time to think about this and figure it out, and once you know, write it down. A dream written down is a goal, after all. Try to be realistic with your goals so that you don’t get overwhelmed. Personally, so that I limit overwhelm, I like to write down plans for the next five years. That way, I know that if one year is packed to the brim, and I won’t quite be able to achieve everything I have set out to, I can prioritise one goal for the following year. That’s absolutely fine, and life is not a race.

Are you ready to set your goals for the new year? If you need a hand with this or feel overwhelmed at the prospect, get in touch today. I would love to help. 

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