Embrace the Magic of Literary Events: Supporting Authors with Heart

Hello, fellow book lovers and literary enthusiasts! As I have some events coming up to prepare for my launch of The Finery (out 25/08/23 with Fly on the Wall Press), I’ve been thinking about what it means to me to have the support of my fellow writers and readers. So, what better way to put those thoughts into a blog post? This post might help you realise what you’re looking for from a writing event, inspire you to attend one, or convince you to launch your novel with your own.

There’s something genuinely magical about gathering together to celebrate the written word. Whether it’s a book signing, a reading, or a panel discussion, these events offer an opportunity to connect with authors and readers. So, let’s dive in and explore the myriad ways we can support and uplift our favourite writers during these special occasions!

  1. Attend Events with Enthusiasm: First and foremost, attending author events with genuine excitement is key! Your presence can make all the difference to an author. Being there, listening to their thoughts and insights, and engaging with them shows that their work matters and is appreciated.
  2. Share the Love on Social Media: During and after the event, share your experience, favourite quotes, and thoughts on the author’s work on your social platforms. Tag the author and event organisers, use event-specific hashtags, and encourage others to attend future gatherings.
  3. Purchase and Gift Books: What better way to support an author than by buying their book? If you haven’t already, purchase a copy during the event. Buying a book not only supports a writer’s craft but also enables them to continue writing their stories. Plus, they will be touched if you ask them to sign it for you! Consider gifting books to friends and family, introducing them to the wonders of the author’s storytelling prowess.
  4. Engage Thoughtfully during Q&A Sessions: Author events often include question and answer sessions, where attendees can interact with the writer directly. Participate actively in these sessions and consider what you might ask ahead of time. Your engagement adds depth to the event and shows the author that their story has touched you.
  5. Leave Reviews: Reviews are an author’s lifeblood. After attending an event and reading the book, leave a genuine review on platforms like Goodreads, Amazon, or book blogs. Reviews help potential readers discover new works and encourage authors to continue honing their craft.
  6. Join and Support Literary Organizations: Local literary organizations and book clubs are excellent places to connect with like-minded individuals and collectively show your support for authors. These groups often organize events and discussions centred around books and authors, providing an ideal platform to nurture the literary community.
  7. Be Respectful and Considerate: Lastly, but equally important, remember that authors are human beings with feelings and vulnerabilities. Treat them with kindness and respect. Even if you disagree with certain aspects of their work, critique constructively and celebrate their dedication to the art of storytelling.

In conclusion, supporting authors at events is not just about buying books; it’s about celebrating creativity, fostering a love for literature, and connecting with fellow bookworms.

Happy reading and supporting!